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About Kelly

I'm Kelly-  a mum of three living in Hythe, Kent, and a fully qualified Hypnobirthing teacher and founder of Birth Positively.


When I was pregnant with my first baby in 2013, like many women, I felt somewhere between nervous and terrified about the prospect of giving birth.  Hypnobirthing certainly wasn't on my radar, but two of my friends who had already completed a hypnobirthing course, were raving about it and explaining how they were excited to give birth! After some research, I decided to sign up for a course, figuring I didn't have anything to lose. Thankfully my husband was easily swayed by the idea and we completed the course a couple of months before I was due.

It is safe to say that hypnobirthing completely changed my view of giving birth and I was excited about everything that I was yet to experience. 


I entered labour feeling calm, confident and in control. I managed to labour without any additional pain relief and enjoyed being in the birthing pool for most of my labour. There were slight complications in the minutes before Aila was born, but my sense of calm and control never waivered. Once she was born I was absolutely elated- not only with our beautiful daughter, but with everything I had just experienced!

The birth of our second daughter Nora in 2015, was another incredible experience where I felt informed to able to make decisions about my labour, right up until the moment she was born.


In 2017, I decided to leave my job as Primary School Teacher (which I had done for the previous 13 years) and qualify as a Hypnobirthing teacher. I am passionate about supporting other couples and and providing them with the knowledge, tools and techniques, to plan for the birth they want; and know how to navigate the unpredictable nature of birth when it doesn't go to plan.  

And I am loving every moment of it! 

Since starting Birth Positively I have had another baby - this time a boy! Fraser was born in the birthing pool and it was my quickest labour by far 

(I hold the dates responsible - IYKYK!) 

My family is now complete and I am excited to continue supporting other people achieve a positive birth 

Kelly x

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