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Hypnobirthing Courses in Hythe and Saltwood

Pregnant and living in Hythe or Saltwood?


Well you have come to the right place! Over the last few years I have supported many couples with their antenatal education, both privately in their own homes and through my group courses in my home Coastal Studio in Hythe and less than 10 minutes away at Grace Hill Studios in Folkestone. My Coastal Studio has stunning views of the sea and is the perfect place to relax and learn about birthing your baby. 


Having relocated to Hythe from Folkestone a few years ago, I know first hand what a fantastic place it is to live when you are starting or expanding your family - so why not focus your antenatal education here too with one of my private or group courses?

Why Birth Positively?

I qualified as a hypnobirthing teacher in 2017 after using the approach for my own births. I went from feeling terrified about giving birth, to excited about everything that was to come. It felt selfish to keep the notion that labour can be an incredible experience to myself, so I now aim to spread the word as much as possible! 

You will find my courses logical, practical, honest and evidence- based. I believe that everyone is able to have a positive birth experience, and this is less to do with how your baby is born, and more to do with how you feel during the event. That is why my courses cover everything from home births to inductions and caesareans to water births. If you are prepared mentally, physically and emotionally for what is to come, you will feel safe and in control through the unpredictable nature of birthing your baby. 

More recently I have started offering antenatal breastfeeding workshops in my Coastal Studio in Hythe. You can find out what to expect when breastfeeding and what is normal, before your baby arrives, giving you the best chance of successful feeding for as long as you want to. 

Everyone who signs up to a course with me is invited to my Bump and Baby Social Events which take place each month at a Folkestone coffee shop. This is a chance to meet other local parents and share the highs and lows of parenting over a strong coffee and decent slice of cake! It really does take a village to raise a child, so start building yours today...


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"Kelly is wonderful. We were lucky enough to have 1:1 sessions with Kelly in the comfort of our home! Kelly provided informative guidance and support. We went into labour feeling confident and much more informed about our choices, we were able to apply the various techniques throughout, it made the experience much more bearable. Thank you Kelly!"
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