“I would definitely recommend for anyone expecting a baby, even if not their first, to do a hypnobirthing course, especially with Kelly.  Kelly ran the sessions in a warm, relaxing, fun and informative way; I immediately felt at ease talking about the pregnancy and upcoming labour.

After the course I felt calm, in control and prepared for any eventuality during labour.  It also helped show what an active role my partner could play during labour, so that I could focus on myself and the baby. 

I truly believe that the hypnobirthing course with Kelly enabled me to both have the labour I had wanted but also feel ready and able to be relaxed should things have had to go off 'plan'.”

Isla and Ian

"We first took part in hypnobirthing due to my partner being quite anxious about giving birth and wanting to know more about the process. I entered into the course believing it was completely for my partner, but I was doing my bit by attending with her and supporting her. Little did I know how much it would support me as a first-time dad.

I had never held a baby before and had never wanted to. I am not someone who gravitates towards a baby when they are in the room, it is more likely I would sit quietly and hope I wasn’t asked if I wanted to hold them. So, going through pregnancy I saw my role as supporting my partner and encouraging them along the way; however, after taking part in a hypnobirthing course with Kelly I realised how important my job was during the pregnancy and, more importantly, during the birth.


Kelly was fantastic at giving all the information we needed and supporting us through the journey. I learnt so much and was able to be confident supporting my partner during the birth of our beautiful baby boy. I knew what my partner wanted, and I knew that we had every right to get it. I knew what was happening at every moment of the birth and when my partner was in pain needing support, I was there to give it to her.


I would not hesitate to recommend hypnobirthing to anybody and would particularly recommend Kelly who was fantastic throughout."



I am naturally quite an anxious person – in fact, I’m a real worrier! So with the pure elation when we found out we were pregnant, also came the fear of ‘Oh my goodness how am I going to birth a baby?!’. It seems so far off from that moment when you get your first positive test, but the fact I was already thinking about it, I knew I had to do something! And I will be forever thankful to have found the lovely Kelly!


My husband and I did a private course in the comfort of our own home and we learnt so much! For me, it really helped to know about all the options available to me and be able to discuss different scenarios in a safe space. The exercises were brilliant and I always did my weekly ‘homework’ tasks, reading up on things, writing down the gazillion questions I had, practising the breathing and visualisation exercises as well as doing daily affirmations. By the end of the first session, I already felt a weight lifting and I very quickly came to truly believe that I absolutely could handle this because “my body was made to do this.”


Kelly always answered our questions honestly and in detail and we had a really great relationship where we were able to have a giggle too! We looked forward to our sessions and welcomed her back with open arms to meet our son in the weeks after he was born. 


When I started having surges, I used the breathing exercises during the waves and felt I had a real toolkit to use. I never felt scared because I knew it would be ok, which for me, is nothing short of a miracle! There wasn’t a ‘fear of the unknown’ because we had discussed so many scenarios and what ifs. Once things ramped up a notch, I was able to manage the pain using the visualisations and the prompts that my husband could remind me of. It gave him a real purpose and focus during the birth, which I know he was thankful for and I honestly couldn’t have done it without him! I don’t think I looked at him the whole time (my eyes were shut tight concentrating on the techniques) but being able to match his breathing pattern, listen to the affirmations and encouragement he was giving me, was amazing. Also, having done the course together, he was 100% confident about what I did and didn’t want and was able to be my voice when I couldn’t respond myself. 


In fact, even now when I hear the music, I instantly relax … and it helped to calm my son as a new born too! Winning!






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