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And Welcome to Birth Positively

So What Is Hypnobirthing?

Unfortunately, it doesn't involve someone clicking their fingers and presenting you with your baby- if only! 

Hypnobirthing is based on scientific evidence, where you will learn about the physiology of birth, the hormones involved, and the way the mind affects the body.

Hypnobirthing uses a combination of words, relaxation and breathing techniques to help you remain calm and in control.


By learning how your brain works, you will be able to  change your mind-set from one of apprehension  (or even fear) to one of positivity and excitement!

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About Me

Hi I'm Kelly! 

I am a hypnobirthing teacher and mum of 3 based in Folkestone, Kent. 

I am passionate about helping couples to have a positive, empowered and brilliant birth experience, no matter what happens on the day. 

Interesting facts:

I don't know my left and right 

I'm terrified of wax work mannequins!



Birth Positively has a course for everyone. 

Complete Group Course

Complete Private Course

Hypnobirthing Essentials

An Introduction to Hypnobirthing

Positive Caesarean Workshop

Pregnancy Relaxation

Plus more to come...

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Kelly ran the sessions in a warm, relaxing, fun and informative way; I immediately felt at ease talking about the pregnancy and upcoming labour.

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Kelly is brilliant at explaining the birth process in such a relatable and relaxing way... she puts you at ease and fills you with confidence that regardless of the birth outcome or situation you will manage it and stay in control.

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I love Thursday evenings.

Each session flies but by the end I feel rejuvenated and relaxed. Kelly is so tuned into everyone's needs and no question is too simple or silly.