“I did it Kelly! I actually did it! Thank you for championing me! Thank you from the bottom of my heart.” Gemma, Mummy to Baby Number 3

Welcome and congratulations on your pregnancy!

Birth Preparation

Birth Positively is a complete antenatal course which provides you and your partner with evidence based, logical information empowering you to make confident choices about the birth experience you want to achieve (even if you're not sure what that is yet!).  We will look at all aspects of birth- from where you can choose to have your baby, to the ways you can make your labour more comfortable.

So what actually is Hypnobirthing?

Maybe don't read any further if you want someone to click their fingers and present you with your baby- if only!

Hypnobirthing uses a combination of words, relaxation and breathing techniques to change your mind-set from one of apprehension - or even fear - to one of positivity. That's it really! It is nothing crazy or hippy; just logical and informative. 

The course also provides loads of information for your birth partner, so they understand how to support you in the lead up to and during your baby's birth. 

Once you understand the incredible way your body is designed to give birth to your beautiful bundle of joy, you will even look forward to it...honestly! 

It needs to be said that there is no such thing as a 'hypno-birth'. I am not guaranteeing you a natural, pain free, water birth! But I absolutely can say that your birth will be a far more positive experience having completed this course- no matter how your baby is born. You will be giving yourself the best chance of experiencing a calm, comfortable and positive birth.

"Thank you so much for the brilliant hypnobirthing course and your invaluable advice."

Matt and Emma

“Thank you so much for your
help as it made the experience
so much more positive.”
Tom, First Time Dad

The 5 Cs of Hypnobirthing:

Confidence - the confidence to ask health professionals questions and be clear about the type of birth you want.

Calm- hypnobirthing aids relaxation in pregnancy, birth and beyond. Being able to deeply relax is a skill we can use in lots of areas of life! Hypnobirthing babies are often calmer and more alert.

Control- feeling like you know what is happening no matter what your birth may throw at you and being able to make informed decisions.

Comfortable- hypnobirthing can reduce the need for pain relief and reduce the length of your labour- what is not to love about that?!

Choice- you will be fully informed of all your choices so you can decide your birth preferences before hand (and have a few back- up plans up your sleeve!)

"I had a wonderful water-birth and will always treasure the memories of the day we met our beautiful baby!"
Claire, Baby Number 3

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    DISCLAIMER: Please note that all information on this website, and provided by Birth Positively is classed as signposting. We are not medical professionals and any medical advice should be sought after from your GP and other medical professionals. At no point will Birth Positively give advice, we aim to provide you with the knowledge to make your own informed decisions.