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Coastal Studio Group Course  - £265

Full Day Course 9am- 5pm

Lunch Included

For an intimate group setting, my coastal studio is the perfect way to meet other local parents to be, whilst also allowing plenty of time for discussion and individual support. 


Held in my beautiful home studio in Hythe, you can enjoy relaxing views of the sea whilst learning everything there is to know about giving birth.


What can I expect?

This Complete Course is a full antenatal course where you will learn everything you need to know about giving birth. You will leave feeling informed about your options and choices, totally prepared to make decisions around your birth. You will also learn techniques to manage pain and your birth partner will be totally clued on the ways to support you. 

The course is informal but packed with information about what to typically expect during labour. Despite what you might think, hypnobirthing is for all types of births so we will also cover caesarean births, induction and when things don't go to plan. There will be the chance to practice breathing techniques, enjoy some gorgeous relaxations and learn other hypnobirthing techniques to help you remain calm and in control throughout labour. 

You will:

  • Meet other people due around the same time as you

  • Have plenty of time to ask any questions and address any concerns

  • Understand the physiology of birth and how you can work with your body for a positive birth experience

  • Understand your birth rights and how to navigate hospital protocols 

  • Learn how to relax quickly and deeply and understand why this is essential for labour

  • Have realistic and effective ways of managing different levels of pain

  • Have a fully informed birth partner by your side who can advocate for you and facilitate the birth you want

  • Leave with a birth plan, which includes your preferences for the birth YOU want

  • Release any fears associated with giving birth and instead feel excited about everything that is to come!

What is included?

  • 8 hours of face-to-face class time 

  • A delicious lunch from BLOC. Vegetarian and vegan options available.

  • A set of relaxing MP3s to download

  • Ongoing support right up until your baby's birth

  • A welcome pack which includes The Little Birth Company's beautiful Birth Mantra Cards and lots of lovely goodies!

  • Invitation to monthly Bump and Baby social events

  • The opportunity to meet other expectant parents - It takes a village to raise a child so start building your community today!


  • Birth planning workbook and templates

  • Free 1 hour follow up session via telephone or video call

  • £25 off an Antenatal Breastfeeding Workshop

Kelly is so lovely, the space is relaxing & welcoming & it’s also brilliant to meet people, we are still in touch with the couples that were on our course.
Laura Devine
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